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The Companion Dog Academy

Skills for Real Life

Our take on group training is a little bit different than your typical "group class" you might be used to. This program is appropriate for dogs of any age and any skill level, as long as you know what skills you want to work on. We don't work on anything specific each week, so you and your dog can learn and progress at your own pace, and that also means if you can make it every week you don't miss out on anything specific. We meet at different locations each week, taking advantage of various different environments. You and your dog can come to these training sessions and practice whatever skills you are working on at that point in your training progression, in different environments with various distractions.

This program is great for any dog looking to get out and learn in tons of new places. Wether its the 8 week old puppy looking for exposure to new things, or the 8 year old dog working on more advanced skills, this is the place to be (or better yet, all the places to be)

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